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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Skyhike can be rewarding as well as tough at times. At Skyhike, we are dedicated to lead as the best trekking company in Uttarakhand. With us, your work is committed and responsibilities are high, surely a thrilling experience it is. Connect with us for more details!

Yes, indeed you can. On going on a solo trek with Skyhike, it is important to be fit. It is because, while on a solo trek, you are walking distances and setting your camps, carrying water & food, cleaning and cooking sometimes. Therefore, we suggest you take friends or otherwise make friends on the trek.

While going on a trek, you should carry essential items like a rucksack bag with a rain cover, a day bag pack, a torch, spare batteries, and UV protection sunglasses. Furthermore, you can keep a pair of slippers and high-ankle trekking shoes. In addition to this, track pants, woollen socks, full sleeves t-shirts are also suggested.

Skyhike serves vegetarian food that is healthy as well as hygienic. Such as nuts, fruits, dry fruits, energy bars and many more. You can be worry-free in terms of food quality that you will enjoy on the trek. For any queries regarding what to carry for a trek, you can contact us directly. We will be glad to help you.

Yes, certain factors affect the charges. Like you may be asked to pay for extra bag offload, couple sharing as well as additional food requirements. Moreover, you have to pay GST above the stated fee. Connect with us for more details.

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